Since Febuary of 2015 I have been walking around at T-mobile Holland. Located behind the The Hague Hollands Spoor, the building is a front for a big Magenta Family surviving the Telecom dynamics in a Market starving for digital satisfaction. My initial presence was tolerated because of my creative input and the fact that we were experimenting with a Mobile Drawing Lab. This experiment ended up leading to the forging of a drawing course, that in the beginning was asking too much of the students. Kenny Darmadji and myself ended up scaling it down to a modular course consisting of 3 simple experiences. These lessons have been evolving into a strong initiation into the dormant drawing skill that lie within anyone. The cool think is that The virus is catching on! The problem is that all the visuals are so clear …that we can not post them…yet. We are slowly gathering enough case material to share the results… for now a small drawing and some cool action pics will have to do.