TEDX… a tale of two cities

tedx “Behave!” and “Maslow reinvented”… 2 themes that were chosen to headline two TEDx events in Holland. Both of them different organisation, but of them a different city, both of them addressing a similar theme surrounding the actions we take. In Utrecht the focal point was on a shift of values and how our actions are changing based on the rules that change in society. How do we behave in this new age of technology driven change? In Haarlem the ideas were questioning the basic order of the maslow pyramid. The shift discussed was not in our values but in our daily needs. The correlation however is there. We are changing as humans and we are trying to cope with the reprogramming of our personal and societal FRAMEWORK.

During these events I have been recording the talks with my WACOM COMPANION HYBRID to see if I could record and publish IN-THE-MOMENT and see if the content of these talks could be taken beyond just the moment of the event. My assumption is that by tweeting the visuals directly after the talk, people can retweet favourite talks or important points not just by sharing a small statement, but by sharing a visual summery of the presenters point or presence. Now that I have recorded these two events and published the results on my twitterfeed (@visiblethinking) I hope to hear some feedback on how people have used these visual summery tweets to carry on the message or start a new discussion.

My experiment to see if I could record all the talks and publish directly after was a succes. At least in its infancy, I was able to listen for the essence of a talk and share it visually. Now that I am reporting about it I am noticing that the two TEDx events I visited have similar content asking for a recalibration of our social FRAME… Maybe I should try to visualize that landscape. A new social framework embracing technology and change as a way to get to collective consciousness… maybe…;)?


Click here for the results on flickr: TEDx UTRECHT – 17th of April 2014

TEDx-ilco van der linde by VY
ilco van der linde – MASTER PEACE


TEDX HAARLEM – 22nd of MAY 2014

TEDx-Suzanne groot en anton pauw by VY
Suzanne Groot en Anton Pauw – Violin & Organ