Sometimes you meet people who are almost ready to align their story… they just need to be challenged to finish up their thinking and find the right angles to start sharing their story with the specific audience of people you can help with your craft. Daniel Maissan, a wandering photograph craftsman, is just such a person. Through my dealing with Maarten van den Bergh of Inspirething I got to interview him about his way of working and found out that this is a person who you need to SEND SOMEWHERE!

The difficulty of translating his story lies not in his product. Daniel has a unique way of using his Hyperfocus and wandering spirit to come up with his own impressions of the domains he is sent to. The problem lies in convincing the people who can use his craft to let go of the frames they impose upon him when he is out on the prowl looking for focus.

By mapping his story and getting to know the fire that burn in his hart, we will try to forge a visual trigger that will help him to leave behind his story for other to re-share. This is one of those stories you just need to follow… the man has an eye for the moment and creates by capturing those instants with his trusty Leica’s.

For now this is Daniel on his world…

Daniel Maissan - sendmesomewhere