When ever entrepreneurs organise ways to explore, challenge or solve their problems they tend to focus solely on the process. While grip on organisation is the backbone of any project there is a dynamic element that can make or break the succes of that process. The stage you set, the decor you chose to present in, the studio that enables you to flow in and out of your creation-mode… they all are bound by the direction and harmonization of SPACE. A while back I bought the dschool book MAKESPACE, which defines this point perfectly: Setting the stage for creative colaboration. The trick of making your own space in which to solve challenges together lies in a couple of simple principles, which the book summarises quite well. The big challenge for the reader is to make the step towards the actual MAKING. It is all good and fine to read about how others put together affordable homemade whiteboards out of refrigerator isolation, but it is a whole different story to actually making them. In my opinion MAKE SPACE exists in two different places… the mind and your current location. Make space is anywhere! Anywhere were you feel comfortable enough to organise divergence of the norm. This usually means that the office is not a good make space. I consider the SPACE to think, draw and share in one of my new paths to look for next steps in visual thinking. The SPACE that you make and the people that you invite to help, allow YOU to go from a simple collaborative thought to a real life reality.