in 2016 I have been keeping myself busy with all kinds of visual experiments. Some are slowly turning into business, others are sneaking of into my oblivious mind. The biggest two I am currently spending my time on are the EVENT CANVAS and an agile drawing course.


The Event Design handbook shares a method and way of thinking that supports a process of designing innovative events. I have written this handbook together with Ruud Janssen en Roel Frissen. The look and feel has been designed by Cristel Lit of Lots-of.nl ,the content edited by John Loughlin and published by BIS Publishers



My other experiment / product / service is a drawing course called  “TijdvoorTekenen”

Over a period of about a year and a half I have developed a drawing course that lowers the threshold to use drawing as a professional thinking & sharing tool, while at the same time giving people the opportunity to really learn how to use drawing to broaden their perspective.