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Daring Innovation

Because of my involvement in the BAAK STRATEGIC PROGRAM and a history involving Rutger Slump in on stage drawing of scenarios in improvising theater, I was lucky enough to reconnect with Rutger at the moment when […]

Haags Denken

Had a very enjoyable meeting with Ad Dekkers, new director of the bureau of innercity planning The Hague. The conversation was timelapsed on my iphone 5… 15 minutes of editing afterwards et voila! Enjoy an […]

(Th)INK your way into reality!

The last two weeks have been a positive affirmation of my choice to act on my gut. I have been in the store for a little more then a month and have created an open […]

Becoming Stronger

10 years of friendship & discovery. What a JAM! As brothers in visual thinking we created our own unique brand of experience and learned how to set up a creative business, while at the same time making baby steps to support the acceptance […]