Shiny Happy Cressers

Op 16 April mocht ik een personeelsbijeenkomst van Koppert Cress bijwonen. Deze happening vond plaats op een mooi zonnige dag in de nieuwste kas van dit mooi bedrijf. Omdat ik al een tijdje bezig ben bij KC was het mooi om mee te maken hoe dit bedrijf gehoor geeft aan haar succes richting haar personeel.

Klik hier voor de 360 :

Groei gaat altijd gepaard met pijn. Omdat we niet gewend zijn aan aanpassen, had KC Marc de Hond uitgenodigd. Ja… de zoon van. Vanwege een grote verandering in zijn leven heeft hij echter vele dromen kunnen verwezenlijken! Mooi verhaal over anders tegen je realiteit aan kijken. Dank voor je het delen van je ervaringen en successen Marc!

Leuk resultaat!

Wat voor mij echter het mooiste was om te zien was dat Rob Baan himself en zijn rechterhand (CFO) Robin schaap hun eigen verhaal over groei hebben gedeeld te midden van een kring van hun personeel. “Jullie zijn onze kern” resoneerde goed. Bitterballen als guilty pleasure op maandag nog beter…;). De bondige toespraken werden ook nog eens gecomplimenteerd met een live connectie met hun nieuwe aanwinst in Belarus. Kortom… een mooi moment waar ik bij mocht zijn.

Maar wat was nou mijn bijdrage of redenen voor aanwezigheid?

Ik ben samen met twee gedreven dames van KC een soort van grip aan het creëren op vitaliteit binnen het bedrijf. Daarvoor hebben we in april mooie dialoog sessies georganiseerd in de keuken van KC. Op basis van deze sessies zijn we aan het kijken wat een vitaal KC handhaaft en verbeterd. Omdat ik deze sessies gehad heb kwam de boodschap op 16 april ook veel harder binnen. Ik Heb het vermoeden dat dat dan ook de reden is dat onderstaande plaat er zo natuurlijk uit kwam rollen.

Zittend in een bus in Japan heb ik eindelijk de tijd om wat te bloggen. Helaas gaat een trip naar Koppert Cress Japan niet meer lukken, maar ik kijk uit naar de volgende stap met de dames wanneer ik weer terug ben. De visuele bijdrage zal ook groeien naar mate we meer gaan delen.

Visually yours from Japan!

OFFSHORE testing

I have been working on a poster for the new Offshore test site at the port of Rotterdam. The Maasvlakte 2 is a man made harbour fit for offshore experimentation, testing and training. I have gotten to know the place quite well through my contact Edward Gilding of Innovation Quarter. Together with the Port of Rotterdam we have been working on combining the right caseload to showcase this amazing site!

check out the website here: maasvlakte 2

check out a 360 working session here:


At the end of 2017 I reconnected with an old client. After about 15 years of development in the Dairy Industry, he was ready to start writing a book about it all. The cool thing is that at the time I helped him to make his views on Precision Livestock Farming more clear and presentable. Now after all this time his views have all found fertile ground in the whole dairy industry and an introduction to Smart Dairy Farming was  born!

Kees Lokhorst invited me to help him to make all of his thinking more engaging. For both the act of reading as for the  more practical side of teaching in the classroom and online. It has been great to make this visions come to life and translating years of experience into a clear instruction on how to focus more on the individual cow to grow the industry.

His book will be published somewhere in June… we hope…:)! Keep you posted!


Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to receive the key to the “INSPIRATOR HOUSE”. A new location for inspiration hosted by Jake Blok.

After receiving they Key and driving to my next Interaction, I felt great Joy and welcome into a place where people are working hard on new valuable interactions for and between people! So tanx Jake Blok! Next week we start to make the light burn just a little brighter at then Inspirator HOUSE!


fullsizeoutput_2d9aMaarten van der Berg en Dennis Luijer…. pointing in the right direction!

Constellations of ART

In Wassenaar we have a windmill. In this monumentally Dutch beauty there is a gallery. A place where exhibitions are curated, sourced from the active community of city residents and good friends who make art together (or by themselves). To make this community more visible we are using the art of Wassenaar as a source of content we hope to liberate by making an interactive VISUAL – SPACE.

We have been engaging members with re-calibration sessions organized by helene courrier and Dennis Luijer. Step by step we are uncovering a new story that opens up the doors to this 45+ year old art group. By doing these sessions we slowly but surely uncover a new story. Starting with eggs we moved into self portraits and during the last session we started to look at the community through all of its art.


By simply taking all the online content of the art group and putting it together in one visual multiverse ( a long print of paper), we were able to look at the diversity and multi talented group of artists who live and create in Wassenaar.


But in order to really start engaging with the different types of art be needed to cut up the print and make the artists create their own CONSTELLATIONS.


One of the best things that came out of this session was the Truus-Remark that we should look at the art of Wassenaar not as groups of disciplines, but as dispersed random creations. What if you would zoom through a space and experience a chaotic collection of creation…all made in Wassenaar. This thought was amazing… thank you Truus!

After a session like this, you go home and think about what steps can be made to make this group and its Artfull expressions, more visible to the outside world beyond the windmill.

Jannis Karalis and Dennis Luijer are looking at the interaction and the story connecting all of these unique possible spaces. In our main VISUAL SPACE you will find a bubble with a floating triangular logo inside. This is where we will try to build up the connection between all of the members of the Art group Wassenaar.

On the 12th of December we will be adding more content to the space WITH the people who will come. Click here to go and check it out.

At the moment this experience will only run on your PC… the mobile efforts are coming along nicely. We have the backing of some friends at T-mobile,. who have provided us with some phones for experimentation. Once this platform is downloadable from either the play- or the appstore… there is going to be a party!

Screenshot 2017-11-16 00.28.36

An experiential MAP

This Space has been under development for a while now. It is a MAP that shares the look and feel of the Westduinpark in The Hague. The idea behind it lies in the participatory process of the municipality of The hague. In 2014 (!) they organised co-creative sessions under the inspired hands of Tom Vaessen. This Lead to lots of ideas which can be seen at Visually yours here.

This  V I S U A L – S P A C E  has some different element in it to engage all the people who worked on all of the future plans of the park. Check it out on 


Visually yours is an invested partner in the Event Design Collective. An international team of event professionals who are improving the event industry standard through systematical design of change .

In pursuit of a strategically designed event value for the INTERNET SOCIETY  the collective was invited to help realise a huge global online event called INTERCOMMUNITY. This Global 24 hour event connected 56 celebratory nodes and 15 hourly interactive nodes starting in Los Angeles and going to such cities as Tokyo, Johannesburg, Beirut, Geneva and Guatalahara.
every hour yielded a visual summery made by two great visual translators (jefta Bade and Jochem Galama) and connected by Dennis Luijer of Visually yours.


To make this Visual come to life, we have put it inside of a V I S U A L – S P A C E: INTERCOMMUNITY.SPACE.

The idea behind this 360 transfer / infusion was to make the visual end result of the event a point of inspiration and remembrance beyond the event itself. When moving through the VISUAL-SPACE you can explore the summarised content of each different nodes. When you click on the cube, you will move to the twitter images made all over the world. When you engage the end station of this visual wall you will be taken to the final round table. The collected action points of each node can be experienced by moving over the nodes themselves.

Please enjoy by using the Keyboard arrow for left/right/ up and down. Use your mouse or trackpad to look around.

The intention of this V I S U A L –  S P A C E  is to map out and SHOW the HUMANITY of the internet. The internet is a force for good and Humanity is at the centre of its growth. #shapetomorrow #next25.

Together, Fast, Forward!

At the College of Extraordinary Experiences (CoEE for short) we went through a trans-formative experience to internalize a seemingly simple principle… Work together, work fast and work forward. In a sequence this “Chant”has now become a reminder to the ones who attended this conference that progress lies in shared iterative doing, while being mindful of how your steps are connected to your story.


As a group we entered this event from 2 distinctly different angles. The first timers and the now 2nd year Alumni. As a connected family of experience designers we exited this event, reminded that there is no US without U. I am have been deeply moved by the steps that are visibly taking place after we all left the castle. Keeping true to the principle of DO! NOT TALK.


To all of you who practiced the CoEE MOVEMENT with us last Monday. I would like to share this simple line. Whenever you doodle this, be reminded to grab a partner, prototype your thinking together and move forward. If we all keep doing that we will be making visible steps that reconnect us to our shared experience of CoEE17.

I love you all

Silent D

please check out the Event Design Collective Blog for more content!


Future of the Internet

On the 18th and 19th of September I was part of a great event crew who went around the world in 15 hours to capture the discussion about the future of the internet. I was able to provide and coordinate a 2,5 by 4 meter wall which Jochem Galama and Jefta Bade populated every hour with the visual summery of local celebration, discussion and connection. Check out : and the future internet report:

amazing effort… also co-designed by the Event Design Collective


Nota met benen

Ik ben nu al zo’n 3 jaar bezig met de gemeente Den Haag rondom 1 project. Een samenwerking tussen de beleidslaag van stedelijk ontwikkeling & de groene stad en het ingenieursbureau Den Haag (IBDH). Het gaat om het duingebied dat VOOR Den Haag ligt… onze voortuin…;). Eindelijk is er een NOTA waarin het via burger participatie tot stand gekomen plan als brief vanuit Wethouder Revis wordt geschreven aan de commissie Leefomgeving. Een lang traject met mooie resultaten door leuke en gepassioneerde mensen, die ECHT geven om dit gebied.

Blader er maar eens doorheen:

Op is een interactieve kaart te zien waarin ik samen met Jannis Karalis ( en de mensen in dit project heb geprobeerd om een plek te creeren waarin je het gebied online al een beetje kan verkennen. Het doel is natuurlijk om je nieuwsgierig te maken en er naar toe te gaan. Samen met de mensen rrondom dit gebied gaan we proberen om deze online plek uit te bouwen.

Screenshot 2017-09-06 10.53.58

Screenshot 2017-09-06 10.55.35

Doe je mee? Stuur me dan even een mail van wat je wil toevoegen. Samen brengen we dit gebied beter in kaart, zodat we er nog meer van kunnen genieten… ook mensen buiten Den Haag…;).


Make IT* Visible

After so many years… This is where I am at.

I make IT* Visible.

My thinking and my doing. I do however keep running into the same problem over and over again… I get stuck in the thinking part. Which is a bit weird, because my thinking usually results in a lot of visual notes & sketches. Lots of doing… without defined direction.

The reason for sharing this image with you now is that this image symbolizes the end of a phase. I have found my drive and am looking to balance all that thinking with more Doing. The new Time2Draw course I developed, the virtual narrative spaces I am developing, the book on event design I have co-written, the book on Images of Design Thinking was involved in and many more Visually Yours Projects are steps towards the Story of VISUAL.

All those projects are ways to Look at sharing…More VISUAL.

NUON morning / afternoon

In the month of June and a bit of July, I had the privilege to share my thinking about drawing in the workplace with the marketing department of the dutch energy company NUON (now part of the swedish Vattenval). I teamed up With agile master Darmadji, with whom I had been developing a program within T-Mobile.

We were lucky enough to be hosted in both the Holiday Inn and the Marriott at the Amsterdam Arena locations. Both excellent spaces to get a marketing crowd to take a step back.  The conference style spaces were transformed into visual work spaces with the help of both respective facility departments to create the most ideal SPACES for marketeers to make their thinking about present pains and future perspectives VISIBLE.

morning team

This is the second evolution of the Time2Draw course outside T-mobile; The ministry of Finance being the first. The energy and focus of both the morning and afternoon teams was totally different from that of any Telco Team or Finance Group we had encountered before. Our objective was to equip this department with a basic drive to draw, a simple set visual models to explore and synthesize thinking and reveal some of the secret visual tricks that help share all that visual thinking with others. These marketeers write propositions linking to customer need and marketing trend on a daily basis and delegate all visual content needed to support their ‘innovations’ to the communication department. It was great to hear that, during the weeks in between our physical meet-ups, the lessons were resulting in a visual buzz at NUON. The tricky part is keep making all thinking VISIBLE!

The biggest challenge however wasn’t the program. This visual learning lane works well in any working environment. Strangely it  was to get this intelligent group of individuals to reveal their biggest pains and open their thinking spaces to offer them other insights when looking at the stuff they need to get done.

By the end I think they all did very well. Afternoon AND Morning…;).
We hope to be speading the visual fire after the holidays!

Thanks guys!

The afternoon team


“The one vision is realized by the many steps.”

I have been living with a vision for the better half of my life and I can say with confidence and humility that the many steps can only be made consciously when you have a story to guide them. I envy the ones who just live one day at the time and are not burdened by the itch of something they want to build or create over TIME.

My VISUAL path has lead me across  many different story lines by both individuals as well as organizations. They all seem to want to move…but are all looking for that light to follow. That story you want to be a part of. That general direction that gives focus to the clear goals you need to be running towards. What I am seeing a lot, and have been uncovering as a running theme within the work I do for others, is the movement of Change. We try to walk the line that moves between a present point A and a pre determined area B, which we generally fashion to look very appealing. We love to SEE  a road or sequence of steps that help realize the milestones of the inbetween.  This sequence of planned steps between two points in time is how we have learned to tell and share stories. We start to tell the story by inviting your audience to a stage (your context) , describe the characters (or actors) and introduce a hero’s challenge. The quest is set.

You can move up and down that storyline and make your past, present and possible future VISIBLE for all to see. Now here lies a challenge.
In the land of storytelling we are exploring different ways to touch, move or inspire people. But alongside we are challenged by a multitude of tiny steps that are all part of a system. A structure that is getting more visible every day. We are living IN our own storylines… our Twitter and facebook feeds become a line that is influenced by so many different things, that it is almost impossible to be a good curator of your own STORY.

In a new economy focusing in on experience and transformation as the main value of trade, we see that the audience (or customer) is being taught that it is okay to want to have a Choice in where to start or even participate in a story. Pretty soon we will not be  interested in lectures anymore… we want to see and experience the whole story at once…

This is where the good storytellers take a leap out in front of the rest. When you are or live IN a story, you will be able to start anywhere… no sequence, no numbers… just a story and infinite angles…

more to come




I have been working with T-MobileNL for quite a while now and I had yet to meet the brand and Com team. I got the opportunity to challenge their UNLIMITED thinking by filling in the activities at an off-site team retreat, which was geared towards creating a new bond between a newly configured  group of professionals. The location was a perfect place to do a couple of exercises that would not only bring these people together, but also introduce a new frame of mind. How do you think UNLIMITED?

It is one thing to say you have an UNLIMITED amount of data to use when you join T-mobile as a client… but what does this mean? What does it mean for this team, what does it mean for the company, but most important…what does it mean to offer something without limits???
We carried on with a Challenge that was to be executed in a FERRIS WHEEL! A great way to get some distance and look beyond just the challenge. What became very clear very soon, was that going on a Ferris wheel can be a challenge in itself (for some people). During the ride an extra Challenge was added (by Whatsapp!) to keep everybody thinking on their toes! The presentations that followed were based on a simple comic book style presentation in which you introduce a situation and go through an UNFORTUNATELY, FORTUNATELY, UNFORTUNATELY & FORTUNATELY to add some drama to the storytelling. Worked great!


By the end of the day the biggest challenge was to keep the energy up… so this is why we did a standing catchphrase carousel ending up in one shared battle cry!


No Story, No Glory!

Ianus Keller asked me to put together a workshop on the creation of scenarios and/or storyboards as part of a series of extra curricular workshops organized to close the gaps students are feeling in their chosen paths, studying at the Delft University of Technology.

I did not have to think long to come up with a general premise for this class, which is why  I started  the first real explorations with an extra ordinary  host: Pieter-Jan Stappers, professor of design techniques at the faculty of Industrial Design in Delft.

thinkingwith pieterjan

Now with some 11 years of design experience of my own we were able to fly-over and dive deep  into the subject of storyboarding or telling user stories. We ended up covering most of the Whiteboard walls in STUDIO TALK, which by the end of our exploration was exactly the skill we wanted the students to (re)-discover. Being able to explore a general idea and find focus by making the start-up process visible and clearly articulate what it is you want to design for whom, is something that even designers still have trouble with. It is however the start of any good design story…so this is why we ended up settling on creating a workshop for groups to find their SHARED STORY and move from being a group of individuals to a DESIGN TEAM with a shared goal and story to realize!

[Writing this now, I realize that we strayed from the given scenario path, driven by a shared frustration of students nowadays attacking any problem with a laptop… The faculty used to be filled with hands on practical MacGYVERS, which seems to have ‘evolved’ into some sort of  an IT-Lounge filled with networked designers. To bring back some HANDY WORK into the way master students start up their design challenges together, logic and practicality takes over to help these design “experts-to-be” pick up a pen and get to the wall… to explore, funnel, discuss, test and improve their ability to think out loud and CREATE at the wall …TOGETHER.]

When going into any kind of process with people you do not really know, it is time well spent focusing on creating  a shared idea and finding the path that fits the team. A DESIGN story will help focus a group to make conscious decisions during the design process itself and give direction to the path to be taken by the different experts in the group. Along the way all the intricate detailed work done by the members of the team needs to connect to the overarching AIM of their DESIGN story. The ability to be flexible in your focus (FLEXIBLE FOCUS) will give a team the opportunities to test and fail early. Improving every time.

flexible focus1

But now for the workshop:

The simplest way of getting a group to function like a team is to make them go through some sort of high pressure make-session… forcing them to pick up a pen and draw out their challenge… like MACGYVER used to do drawing a plan in the sand or Doc Brown in back to the future with his “crude”models of how he was going to send marty back to the future. The objective of this workshop was hidden in its practice. By experiencing the value of drawing out thinking and allowing the group to build upon what is made visible, you are creating a shared story!
In the morning the group found common ground sourced from their own likes and dislikes. If you are totally free to chose your own design…what pain do you solve…together? We explored the unique contexts of 8 groups and what their proposed successes will look like for their stakeholders. This created a shared focus that would guide the group in a high pressure design process in the afternoon. By mapping out current and future desired states you frame your own design space…a luxury not to be underestimated for designers… Something that hopefully these groups will have experienced and will use in future projects…

flexible focus

This workshop was made possible in fact by the FLEXIBLE FOCUS of the day. The overarching AIM of the day was to experience the creation of a shared design narrative using visual techniques, which were shared mostly in the final half hour when all the stories started to result in abstract designs. The small tips and troicks can only be shared when you run into real little barriers. This waqs a great way to share some of my experiences in translating thinking into visuals.

The day ended with a 15 minute run through of all the stories AND a little feedback. Courtisy of Pieter-Jan! Check it out:



For more pictures of the process :

Feather Foot

I used to find refuge in drawing big floating COWblock with pulsating Udders… which is why I post the following refinement. Now, when I sit down with the kids to draw, I tend to teach them to draw simple things that move. To my surprise this feather foot suddenly appeared. My (c)rude sexually frustrated drawings of old have evolved into erotic innuendo and graceful flow… is this a good thing…;)?


After almost 5 years of thinking and translating & creating the #EVENTCANVAS, there is now

  1. an initiative grown into several partnerships,
  2. a workbook and an internationally published book by BIS
  3. The start of a community of excellent and n0w CERTIFIED Event Designers,
    event narratives that challenge the way we design events…
  4. a growing database of visual narratives articulating Change,  Framing stakeholder perspectives giving event planners a storytelling platform to realize TRUE VALUE
  5. The start of a decoding venture resulting in a better understanding of the mechanics of big events like the Olympics, Eurovision or even Comicon or Halloween! Making prototyping for success easier by learning from past success and failures.
  6. The event  industry (and beyond) is noticing the value of thinking ahead and being more conscious of & connected to your stakeholders. The EventCanvas Methodology is slowly gaining ground, taking the conversation to a more abstract level, whilst staying in touch with the practical sides of creating EVENTS.
  7. and more canvasses coming…;)

That being said I am very glad to announce that Visually Yours has formally joined forces with Ruud Janssen & Roel Frissen to form an entity serving the need to think about value and different stakes on any level of the event industry. With the book held high and lots of amazing people  on our path, we work together  to nurture this methodology so it may grow into a way of thinking & working, to be adopted throughout the entire event industry.

The next milestone in this evolving story has also been announced!!!
We are very glad to welcome Angeles Moreles Vallejo  from Spain , Gerrit Jessen from Germany and Terri Breining from the United States . They are grabbing the role of local champions driving this common language for events forward and becoming experts by teaching others!


The Event Design Collective is a partnership with international entrepreneurial individuals who are helping to spread the language of high level event design.
A language that has little differences every where in the world, but is driven by one goal… to design events worth attending!


Stand in the middle of your story!

Visual-spaces is an online platform geared towards the Virtual Experience.
These SPACES help you to stand next to what people DO instead of reading about its in neatly filled out paragraphs.
However…This platform is NOT meant to be immersive. It is still being prototyped as you experience it, to help you expand the way you experience content and interact with others by being able to stand in the middle of bthe story…as it develops.

This new online experience introduces the beginnings of something new. The ability to look at value plotted over time. By being able to move through the entire picture and look at the situation from all angles, you are given the opportunity to understand everyones point of view.

VISUALSPACES-backgroundFP-01Visual-Spaces is an instrument to help you connect your steps to whatever story you want.


The College of Extra-Ordinary Experiences was a transformative event! Getting people to embrace knowledge by looking at it through different eyes or even identities is an approach sure fired to work for kids… but as I experienced personally this is a new event-type that will breath new life into dusty academic or commercial dogma. Check out the PDF and be sure to check out the facebook page of the college

Lekker Leuk Koken

Verleden jaar ben ik uitgenodigd bij de vorming van een alliantie. Een samenwerlking gedreven door een passioneel pleidooi van Kevin (blauwe shirt). Door krachten te bundelen wist hij genoeg mensen te bewegen om samen te kijken naar een belangrijk en moeilijk probleem dat voor komt in de verzorging van zwakzinnigen. Het gaat over iets heel erg leuks… iets lekkers… het gaat over koken!

Vorig jaar December zijn we begonnen en we zijn nu lekker op weg. Humanitas, Ilionx & T-Mobile zijn aan het kijken hoe ze een pad kunnen creeren dat leidt naar de realisatie van een applicatie die de clienten en begeleiders helpt bij het samen leuk en lekker koken.

img_0485We hebben samen de muur boven bij T-mobile (neergezet door Visually yours) vol geklat en zijn stappen aan het maken met de doelgroep. Het zichtbaar maken van deze alliantie en verandering is erg leuk… vandaar ook de naam…;)


Elke keer maken we weer een nieuwe stap. Van Reden voor meedoen naar organisatie, verhaal en roadmap. Het geheel begint al aardig wat in beweging te brengen… Hou dit maar in de gaten!fullsizerender

next age, new values

Last year I was happy to see Mildred Hofkes reach a 5 year journey of nurturing and engaging C-level leaders in their attempts to get a grip on the new ways of governing the world. She gave a great speech in which she could now look back on my cases and crashed reputations to amplify her focus on new ways of collaborating and listening to move into a more sustainable future… bla bla bla… with les sugar on top: Dealing with Baby Boomers and their struggles to either move from or challenge the way they run things.

For me this has been an amazing ride along, with a back seat look at all of these people and the complexities of their stake (and share)holder issues. I have been making the change visible for some time now and we have now arrived at a point where talk needs to be translated into action. For this reason we created two new visuals.


First of we created a “simple”template that share a sparks the conversation around IN-activity. What if you do nothing… and let it burst? When people who on a daily basis deal with stakes and shares are confronted with this choice, their reactions are quite interesting. What does succes look like? And what are you prepared to do to make that happen?


Be the change!
The second is a bit more complex. It addresses 5 recognizable states. 5 horrible hurdles which almost make it impossible to changes without feeling the personal and organisational discomfort. Taking these issues on all at truly is impossible… This is why Mildred asks you to pick one and focus on it for 33 days! Based on a personal live trip she took to Bhutan she learned that any change can be made by a dedicated focus of “33”days. This was the experiment that ended 2016. 33 days of focus on 1 issue and see what happens. I tried it and my issue of organizing Feedback stayed with me every day… which is why this action can make a difference!Jubileum Nieuw bestuur

Of course the best way to pay tribute to this beautiful story, was by working on a new visual. Every time we meet and discuss these new values and old principles we reveal a little more of the path that lies ahead. Always a pleasure to see the cloud lift!

Jubileum Nieuw bestuur5jaar nieuw bestuur_1.jpg

Haagse Duinen

In 2016 I paired up with Jannis Karalis to work on an online experience of the Majestic Dunes that are layed out in front of the city of The Hague. We worked together with Joanne Gendreneau, a policy director at the municipality of the Hague, on a translation of all the great ideas and content co-created by a participatory process about the vision of this area.

Check out the interaction at: http://www.haagseduinen.nl13-big5.png


Expositie over beweging

Sommige dingen overkomen je ineens. Zo word ik plots uitgenodigd om te exposeren in de molen van Wassenaar. Een mooi centraal gelegen galerie gerund door de Kunstgroep van Wassenaar. Samen met Sophie Boeschoten en Lotte Teusink heb ik de eer om het jaar te openen met een nieuwe expositie.

Voor als nog zijn we twee kunstenaars en een ontwerper. Na deze ervaring hoop ik zelf wat meer in contact te komen met mijn artistieke zijde. De uitdaging om te kijken naar werk en te zoeken naar een soort lijn in mijn werk heeft in ieder geval al een focus opgeleverd. Ik ben op zoek gegaan naar een gemene deler in mijn werk en heb deze gevonden in BEWEGING.

Omdat mijn tekenwerk vaak in dienst staat van het bewegen van denken naar doen, viel na enige reflectie op dat alles beweegt in mijn tekeningen. Niet gek, want de bedoeling om mensen een beeld te tonen waar ze samen graag naar toe bewegen. Er ligt een mooie uitdaging in het verbinden van mijn werk aan dat van Sophia en Lotte. Dat houdt me in ieder geval druk bezig tot de deadline van 11 januari…;). De opening is 14 Januari. In het weekend zitten de kunstenaars bij hun werk.

Mooie start van 2017..;)

op 12 Feb heb ik de lijn weg mogen halen en zal ik gaan kijken of ik het verhaal over beweging verder kan gaan brengen in mijn dagelijkse werk. Het gaat uiteindelijk allemaal over het trekken van een lijn…;). Om er verder over te lezen, check de pdf hier onder even:



Images of Design Thinking

When I started to write about this book, I realize that I have known Rianne for almost 25 years. She started out as a teacher, turned into a client and now is a person of interest and a peer when it comes to handling the dynamic process of Innovation. When she asked me to help her translate the 80+ interviews that took 5+ years to distill into a visual model that would take you into the world of innovators… my answer had to be yes. Not only because I had been interviewed at the time when I was developing JAM visual thinking, but also because of my good friend Guy Hafkamp who passed away in 2013. When reading these interviews it is a treat to recognize your own image but it is even nicer to SEE and read who others are and how they take place in the grand landscape of innovators.

images of DT-parts4.jpg

The process of making the translation to the model that is explained in the book was not easy. The 4 images give you and idea of what innovators do in certain places of change and for different stakeholders.  Of course you are never just one image. Rianne uses these images to create tables of recognition at her sessions. When you sit down at a table where everybody contributes to innovation in the same way the conversation starts up very easy. It is like a warm bath of innovative likemindedness…;) The model helps you to become  aware of the diversity that lies in the innovation process and the position to occupy in this landscape of change.

images of design thinking - rings_1.jpg

Making this model visual not only helps to explain these interviews, but it is a great way to take others along in your innovation practices and how they connect from the VALUE to the FUTURE and PURPOSE to EXPERIENCE.

images of design thinking_1.jpg

The skethces above are not in the book…They give you a glimpse into the process of translation. You can acquire this great work of academic persistence at:

The ladies of Roquefort did an absolutely amazing job of making the whole book a delight to read! When you are an innovator (or think you are ) GET THIS BOOK! It will help you to get a better grip on your contribution to innovation…anywhere…;)

Sharing DOOM with Carl


One of the more interesting people I met lately was Carl Verheijen. This former IceSkating Olympic Brons Champion has put his enormous ability of Focus to an almost impossible task. Reforming the way we look at the CARE system. I met Carl at a New Governance conference and we ended up making a big visual of his challenge. Not only a sketch enabling him to share his collective efforts but also a visual sharing the impending DOOM scenario we are heading towards when we do nothing. This “ANTI-SOLL” has become a great way to expose delicate relationships and political standstill. By using  a narrative to talk about how it all got so bad, Carl is able to make a stronger point when talking about getting rid of the walls of miscommunication to ushering new Models of working together in the CARE system focussing on prevention and not the complaint. (going from : “what is the matter?’ to ” What matters to you?”. Check him out in this video and check out the link below, made possible by Jannis Karalis. A 360 degree experience of the visual.


zorg preventie model


Designing events that matter


This September I have been fortunate enough to be able to say I finally published a book… well 2 actually, but more about the other one later. The big takeaway for anyone who has a book to write is : GET A DEADLINE!!! And of course Do NOT do it alone!

The road that lead to the creation of “The Event Design handbook”, has been a long one, stretching over two years! What I can say is that the experience that I had with Ruud Janssen and Roel Frissen has primed me for more! The premise of this book is to understand the relevance of events that matter and explain to the people who are dealing with this challenge every day a Tool called the EVENT CANVAS .

The cool thing about the model in this book is that it helps you articulate exactly what it is you want to CHANGE by organizing an event. The Change in behaviour is the most valuable result you are designing and generally we do not take the time to step back and have a discussion about Value. This book helps you to do just that. And by having that discussion we hope to challenge anyone in the world concerned with events to up their game and look at what your doing with a fresh perspective.

Having said that… my personal interest in this project lies way beyond events. It is about Change. And that makes me a happy Visual Change Master…;).  For now please go to BIS PUBLISHERS to get the book! It will be available soon on all global platforms!



Tijd voor Tekenen bij ADR

Deze video is mede tot stand gekomen door de medewerking van de Tijd voor Tekenen cursisten van ADR (Audit Dienst Rijk) en Hans & Rico van 3XFilm. Tijd voor tekenen is tot stand gekomen in samenwerking met T-mobile en is volledig modulair inzetbaar binnen afdelingen die veel complexiteit aangaan elke dag. Voor iedereen is dit anders, maar het principe is het zelfde. Teken je complexiteit uit en ZIE inzicht, begrip en samenwerking ontstaan. Voor een intake, mail het adres aan het einde van het filmpje!

TijdvoorTekenen-V1.2 from dennis luijer on Vimeo.

Event Design Handbook


Finally it is happening! I am writing a book…or rather collaborating to realise one coming to life. I have been working With @RuudJanssen & @RoelFrissen to make a statement in the industry that organises thousands of events every day. This Book will open your eyes and take events to the next level and connect them over time to really make a difference!

Be sure to check out for the publication in september!!!


Making change visible

Each company in development comes to a point where the story of what you offer to whom and why you do that becomes relevant to share with the masses. Based on what I am experiencing at the moment, sharing the story of Visually yours is more a personal release then a strategic play for attention. Finally I am confident enough… so let’s go.

Ever since I started working with Jorg Humel de Vries of TRAKTUR, I started to come down from my thinking cloud. Enough thinking Jorg said… it is time for some F*cking Drawings!!!! So SHUT UP DENNIS… and start drawing!

So Okay… enough thinking. In 2016 I start drawing more! The problem is that I have conditioned myself to make every line I draw a meaningful line. Almost every stroke has some kind of meaning.  A difficult state for an artist… being stuck in meaningful mode. That is why I love the fact that I could dump al of my thoughts about an emblem for Visually yours on Jorg. Let him figure out what I can not see anymore.

a smal introduction2

To my surprise and delight he came back with a triangle filled with balls… A powerful visual that has a lot of the characteristics of secret societies and magical incantations. Pretty cool. But what does it mean?

Finding the story that matches the work I do with visually yours and the expectations of an ‘new age’ image like this, was not as had as I thought.

Originally the triangle is a delta. The mathematical symbol for CHANGE. In my own visions about an emblem I envisioned the delta crossed with a creation spiral. What Jorg came up with was quite ingenious.

He was able to create the spiral by adding the cirlcles in a golden ratio format. When you look at the emblem you don’t see the spiral… you start to see spaces beyond. Ah crap… it is a new age logo…;)

The story will follow.

the Vy-creationswirl

Next age…new values!

Last year I was happy to see Mildred Hofkes reach a 5 year journey of nurturing and engaging C-level leaders in their attempts to get a grip on the new ways of governing the world. She gave a great speech in which she could now look back on my cases and crashed reputations to amplify her focus on new ways of collaborating and listening to move into a more sustainable future… bla bla bla… with less sugar on top: Dealing with Baby Boomers and their struggles to either move from or challenge the way they run things.

For me this has been an amazing ride along, with a back seat look at all of these people and the complexities of their stake (and share)holder issues. I have been making the change visible for some time now and we have now arrived at a point where talk needs to be translated into action. For this reason we created two new visuals.


First of we created a “simple”template that share a sparks the conversation around IN-activity. What if you do nothing… and let it burst? When people who on a daily basis deal with stakes and shares are confronted with this choice, their reactions are quite interesting. What does succes look like? And what are you prepared to do to make that happen?


Be the change!
The second is a bit more complex. It addresses 5 recognizable states. 5 horrible hurdles which almost make it impossible to changes without feeling the personal and organisational discomfort. Taking these issues on all at truly is impossible… This is why Mildred asks you to pick one and focus on it for 33 days! Based on a personal live trip she took to Bhutan she learned that any change can be made by a dedicated focus of “33”days. This was the experiment that ended 2016. 33 days of focus on 1 issue and see what happens. I tried it and my issue of organizing Feedback stayed with me every day… which is why this action can make a difference!Jubileum Nieuw bestuur

Of course the best way to pay tribute to this beautiful story, was by working on a new visual. Every time we meet and discuss these new values and old principles we reveal a little more of the path that lies ahead. Always a pleasure to see the cloud lift!

Jubileum Nieuw bestuur5jaar nieuw bestuur_1.jpg



What if everybody in the world was able to come together by drawing out what they think and feel? Making it easier for us to share what we think we know and accelerate the process of making things happen?


After a good deal of (visual) thinking I have reached two paths that tackle this challenge:

1: Every day I am articulating & improving the value of drawing as a thinking & learning tool. By bringing back the balance between logical & emotional thinking I hope to contribute to the way people look, see & understand themselves, each other and their place in the bigger picture. I do this daily by simply helping people to draw out their thinking.

2: When people accept drawing as a general skill and not as an artistic privilege something wonderful happens… I have seen them work together better, improving the way they communicate and share the big idea across silos, kingdoms & egos. The process of drawing is fun, social and deeply serious. Every time you use it to share your ideas you open up the possibility for others to connect and contribute to the realization of the biggest dreams you can imagine.

These statements make up my ‘VISUAL Philosophy’. They are based on a million little experiences and encounters with drawing as a communicative tool in the workplace. Visually yours demystifies the skill of drawing by standing next to professionals and guiding them in the use of visualization. Hopefully this will lead to a more applied use of drawing in the workplace and depending on the willingness to embrace new ways of working, create a foundation on which we can rebuild the way we share our thinking.

But how do you go about sharing a dream or a mission where the ultimate goal is getting people to draw and its purpose is nothing less then world peace…;)

The philosophy of Visually yours has been forged over time by listening to different signals on different levels in an over stimulated world. After 2 decades of THINKING I am now ready to start DOING what I know and sharing it with those who need it to make the world better by drawing it out.


Tijd voor Tekenen!

En… Tijd voor Tekenen les 1 van 3 is los! Hoe zetten we tekenen in bij T-mobile? Top resultaten al vandaag! Bijna allemaal hun huiswerk gedaan…;).Trots op deze twee cross departementale groepen! Vandaag basis tekentaal om de visuele motor aan te zwengelen. Goed gelukt! #tijdvoortekenen #time2draw – with Kenny at T-Mobile

View on Path


Sometimes you just have to map stuff out on the walls. In this instance the engineering bureau of the city of the Hague needed to map out their efforts against the vision of a dune area. A participatory process needed to come together… starting point… the wall!

…en in een keer viel alles op z’n plek…;). Mooi werk Ellen, Joanne & Klaas!


Change is a triangle

Visually yours… an emerging brand. I am working with Jorg Humel- de vries of . He is helping me to see beyond my own horizons. The story of the next phase of visually yours is coming! Something with a big triangle on the front of the Ministry of Sketch…;)


What am i saying?

At the GPS course 2015 given at the TU Delft by JAM visual thinking every year, I was captured in a moment of … well I don’t know what I am doing here. I’d like to think that I am giving feedback and not preaching too much…;). Thanks Jefta for sending me a reflection! If you don’t have pictures….it did not happen…;).

GPS (Generic & Professional Skills) is a 2 day course where 350 master students of design learn how to use drawing to communicate in the design process. I can say I started the course, but I am proud to say that JAM is moving it to the next level. Great JOB!!!! For more pics:

View on Path