Visually Yours

Visually yours, Dennis.

A simple and amicable signature that respectfully ends a message and offers my grip on visual thinking as a service. I think this description about covers the intent of Vy and what I mean with Visually yours. But when I ask myself WHY VY, I have am literally starting over and searching my head & my hart for the breadcrumbs that lead me back to the origin of my feeling for this name. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and just go for it! In the case of my choosing a signature text to hang on the door of my new venture, it was a gut feeling. A feeling that allowed me to re-use something from my past.  A name that I hope will blossom into the empire I foresaw in my dreams all those years ago . My last gut-feeling lead me to be a part of a company where friendship was the cornerstone of a decade of beautiful work for amazing people. Now that I am at the crossroads waiting on a next ride that will lead me to new visual spaces, I am looking around again and seeing many new paths… I just hope that this name will attract the right doors to chose from.Visuallyyoursgreet