Visible Change

Visually yours is the result of 20 years of experience in the fields of change, innovation & design. By using my powers of visualisation to make CHANGE visible in shared professional environments, I give people something they can push around or move about. Usually the results are sketches on A3, but lately I work a lot on big Whiteboards in combination with digital landscapes. Opening up the possibilities to share your whole story with only one visual…a really big one. The BIG VISUAL allows you to constantly connect the dots across the board. Looking for insights and relevant directional shifts in an ever changing business environment.

Over the years I have seen a lot of my sketches turn into reality and dreams into clear manageable goals. I have witnessed the fact that it truly pays of to draw stuff out! The drawings that I make in Vy, help me to stretch out the spaghetti information for clients, giving them an overview and a broader scope of their solution SPACE. Besides drawing I design and shape the VISUAL WORK SPACE needed to prime companies for the CHANGE ahead and equip them with the tools (physical and methodical) they need to stay on the chosen path…together.

” imagine whatever lies over the next hill, the horizon or even under the rainbow!
Now imagine all your visions can come true when you draw them out… does your destination change? or the road to get there? ”

Why do people need to SEE the path before they start moving? Why is that?  As a native Dutchman I can safely say that In holland we need direction, but also like to give it. Luckily our culture allows for the freedom to formulate the exact words articulating where we intent to go. But still we NEED a reason, a mission, a mantra… something to believe as a group before we start moving.

Giving direction to the first or next step of a shared journey fits the typical  nature of our new collaborative economy. In order to start thinking alike and  make small steps together, we need to be able to share our thinking with those who can help or others who are on similar paths and can provide cautionary feedback. Something visible to fight for or aspire to. Something to get the blood pumping or your water boiling!

“Making your thinking visible is the first act to realizing your goals.”

Drawing out a destination AND forging the visual story that gets people to join, follow and enforce whatever movement you want to keep going, is what motivates Visually yours (Dennis Luijer) to DRAW & WRITE every day. The power of visual thinking in combination with the skill of drawing and the ability to SHARE can be made into a powerful cornerstone of the tools I design to cope & navigate the upcoming innovation storm.

So with a simple pen in hand and a piece of paper on the table we (re)start our visual engines and gear up to start making our intended CHANGE visible for all to see! Watch out! It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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