About Vy

As part of an ongoing search to find the right thinks to say when people ask me what I do, I have formulated a new combination of words that fit best with current state. “Visual Change Making” is my attempt to make a change (and maybe even a difference) by drawing out the Change we want to see realised in our surroundings. The range is immense because change happens on so many different levels to some many different people, systems and ways of thinking. The only thing that unites us in our desire to make our thinking real is the actions we take.

What many perceive as drawings, I see as doors that lead to the first connections you need to start realising your goals.In order to make the connection happen for myself I have created a cascading frame around myself that serves as a guide. It separates my artistic perception from my engineering perspective and helps me to articulate the vision I hold for myself.  A vision of a place that will arise with or without me. It maybe even already exists. I just have not found it yet. Visual Change Making is the first step that will take me there.

my 5 maps… guiding me to realise my dreams