The creation of this VISUAL ONLINE platform is the natural result of an ongoing search for interaction and engagement Online. We are all bound by our stories and it seems that the online universe is giving us ways to express and share our movement over time. Most of the time just by instagramming or facebooking a situation, but sometimes we take the time to share more. On Medium.com, on a blog or even a Vlog, on fora/agorra and MOOCS… with everything ranging from academic papers to heartfelt emotional outbursts. We like to share… and we like to LIKE … (please like my page…;). But how do we connect all of these points of sharing and manage to form an opiniuon or start to feel a feeling that is informed and complete and not onesided? I don’t want to get political here, but when we inform ourselves with ALL side we might not react like we do. We might even start to understand more then just your own world.

Artboard 1

Okay… so how is the word VISUAL going to help you to grasp a bigger picture? The word itself evokes a lot of imagery and creative expectation. Simply because we SEE it that way. We have been taught that VISUAL is linked to ART, to GRAPHICs, to COLOR, to EXPRESSION… but we tend to forget that VISUAL is EVERYTHING. I was told once that if we are not VISUAL we would trip and break our necks. VISUAL is a side of EXPERIENTIAL LIVING… it is a sense. and like every sense it links to deeper parts of the brain. In that respect VISUAL refers to looking with the intent to SEE. Seeing with the intent to KNOW… so Knowing can be the reason to MOVE… to SURVIVE and even to GROW. The word in itself represents a state that is not even strictly linked to Vision. Seeing is more then looking.

In this story V I S U A L is written with extra spaces. Creating more space in between the letters gives the word more presence. Its 5 extra spaces challenge you to start thinking in between the letters…;). Is it an acronym…? Visual Is Seeing Understanding and Looking…? is it more important, is there more then meets the eyes?


the bubble theorem_5


The inability to grasp a situation and see through it as a whole can lead to misunderstanding and difference of opinion. In itself this is not something we can not solve by talking a lot, but what if you could accelerate understanding by being able to zoom through the ENTIRE picture and gain perspective as you go… helping you to form an informed opinion because you GET the PICTURE.

X =  S P A C E

Visual-x Is a focus mechanism created by Dennis Luijer to help him cope with the complicated nature of his own story…;). Replacing the X with Spaces we get Visual-Spaces. V I S U AL – S P A C E S is the start of a movement that is exploring the ability to liberate us from the 2D webpage and help us move through online Virtual Spaces with the intent to link to real 360 content. You can be IN the moment. It is this idea that links back to the online interaction and engagement. But now we can make people experience people or content in a non-lineair, more emotional way. Graphic order is not at the centre of the information transfer anymore. We can spark an emotion not by describing it but by showing the situation… The advancement in 360 imaging allows us to take a picture or a video of a moment that can be viewed to all sides. This opens up a whole new way of connecting to and with people.


With the help of the Visual-Spaces we can help you to create a doorway to the start of a story. A story that can be experienced in your own time… in your own way.