“WATTS” my name!

wattsmynameAnd suddenly it hit me… dust of the old to match with the new! I have been toying around with this little LOUD SPEAKER because of my love of the visual Value of speaker boxes. The small thing (my giant leap of recycled art) which was missing was what “WATTS” the Little LOUD SPeaKEr would be doing as a character.
But Like many good ideas the lightingbolt , or in this case rainbow dash, strikes when you are doing something mundane …like driving a car at 147 km/h down a rainy highway.
Thisbis what I Saw:

Watts is a loud Speaker… By the end of a process of designing to shape a story signal, Our speaker plugs in and shares The signal. Watts is an output instrument sharing his high level tweets of my strategic logical thinking and making people feel the story with his rainbow of CLEAR mid & bass tones. The only thing Watts needs to become a potential mascotte and story Trigger For Vy is a signal… And some friends to start jammin’ Out new

visual rainbow speeches … the rest will come by tweaking what you hear, see & most importantly feel!