Freshly pressed!


freshly pressedJust last week I was lucky enough to reconnect with my brother in Sand & life to help him realise a project which had been on top of his mind for a quite some time. The idea was to create an experimental sculpture pushing the boundaries of what people are used to when looking at a giant naked woman spread over a factory floor…:). Instead Jan, Elianne & Marjon took away just enough sand to push together a voluptuous maiden of the 4 giant piles of K2 river sand put down in front of the giant steel wals machine in the NDSM wharf.

When AT5, amsterdam local TV, came by for an interview the story of the giant maiden was revealed in an uncomplicated and unique answer to a simple question… “what is she doing here…?”. The enormous machines which are still present at the wharf suggest the obvious… BIG INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURES were forged & build here.
But time goes on and what once was a place where cold steel was forced into structured submission, is now a cultural hotbed which has harboured artists & designers ever since the wharf went belly up in the eighties.  This location has been a place of production for a long time and this sculpture is a tribute to that human drive to create. This large amsterdam shipyard now cranks out Art, Design & Entertainment instead of Mammoth water vessels.

This lady of the wharf exits the rolling machine freshly pressed and exists to represents the arts that are hosted at the NDSM right now! She reminds all who see her of the simple beauty of the female body and how her motherly shape has been the inspiration for artists ever since man started to draw on cave walls. Industry inspiring art and art inspiring industry.

This week of sculpting was a reminder to me of how important it is to create on more levels then just the one driven by the mind. These couple of days reconnecting with the sand and with good old sandy friends reminds me not to get too focussed. Too much focus makes you lose sight of other worlds and possibilities. Trusting yourself to create what comes naturally can only come when you are open and balancing mind with hart and gut(s)…;). Thanx Jan, E! & lovely Marjon! It was great to SEE you work together and it was my pleasure to move some sand for you to push into the right places!

check out flickr for more pics!